Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Transition

Every big "transition" the twins have gone through has made my heart ache. 

Every single one. 

From bottles to sippy cups, baby carriers to big car seats, binky to none, heck even when I was potty training Sabrina it was still a little sad for me.

That's how I knew I wasn't going to much enjoy the transition from cribs to big beds.  Before this happened, I swore up and down that they would be in their cribs until they were crawling out.  And with one exception of Sammy doing that at one point, they never dared.  Climbing out just wasn't on their list of priorities.

I wanted to wait until we were here and settled for some time before embarking on another big change.  You know us moms; "Don't want to do too much at once!  I don't want to overwhelm them with changes!"  Or maybe it's just me.

But Jason had pointed out that poor Sammy rolled around a lot and kept knocking into the rails on the crib....he just didn't seem comfortable in there anymore.  Sabrina might have stayed....but we couldn't just move one.  It would have to be both.

I contemplated.  I worried.  I cried.  And then, I relented.  We still had the cribs, we could still go back if we needed to.  We still had options.

So, off to the furniture store we went.  We picked out their bedroom sets and within a week we were ready. 

I contemplated.  I worried.  I cried--though not in front of them. 

I put on my brave mommy face and did our nighttime ritual as always.  Brushing teeth, reading books, family kisses, and tucking in. 

And I waited.  Or I should say, we waited.

Nothing happened.  Nothing bad any ways.  They went to sleep, peacefully, just had they always done.  They jabbered for a little while, reading their own books in their own beds, listening to their own music.

And I cried some more.

My babies are only 2 1/2 years old....and I knew that this day would come.  This is a good thing, I guess.  But I think it does sadden me that they are "growing up"....even if they are far from that.  Kids seem in such a rush these days to grow up (or maybe it was always this way?) but I don't want them to ever rush.  I want them to take their time and enjoy life as it comes....and these changes are a part of life.

It's been well over a week and everything has still gone smoothly.  They love their beds and they love their rooms. 

And apparently, they know much better than their mama did that they would be alright.

I love you, my babies.

Be patient with me as I take a walk down memory lane.  As I usually do when these things happen...

We've gone from this:


To this:


To this:


To this:

Sammy sleep

good morning

And now this:





  1. I "hate" you for making me cry!

  2. Sorry! ;) I swear that is not my intention when I start writing....but I was crying buckets too when I wrote this!

  3. Those side-by-side u/s photos made my heart do a flip! (I'll be seeing my little guys again in 3 more weeks.)

    As you know, Eves just made the Big Bed transition, too. It hurt my heart a bit... but made it a lot easier knowing I've got more wee babes on the way. (winkity-wink-wink-wink!)

  4. I hear you on the wink! We will decide for sure by July....but if I had to make a decision today, it would most definately be for another one!

    Excited for your ultrasound! Eventually, they'll get so big they can't get them on the screen at the same time....then you know you are getting closer!

  5. It's especially hard when they are your first :(
    I'm glad the transition went so smoothly though. We can't leave our guys for even a second until they are both asleep or one will be in the other's bed, jumping on his. I keep telling my husband, maybe when they are 4 ... or 5 ... or 6 ....

  6. Oh Rach - xoxoxoo.

    I love your heartfelt stories.

    Your twins always seem to be just a few months ahead of Annabelle on these milestones so reading you helps me start adjusting.

  7. Thanks Kristen....I'm glad I could help! ;) But atlest you have little Nate...he is still gonna be little for a little while longer! ;)

  8. Lori--I know, when we did it I was just waiting for disaster to strike...and so far...none! But maybe that is because I have one of each? Sammy is way more rowdy than Sabrina, so I could only imagine twin boys! Bless you!

  9. How we get so excited over the big and even small accomplishments, only to realize our "babies" are growing up! I have had a hard time with the thought of moving A to a toddler bed. I guess it's the fact that she will no longer be in a crib and having her reach over the railing for me.

  10. I agree Andrea! We want to see them do all of these things, but it makes us sad at the same time!