Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Too long.....

Yes, I know....it's been too long since I have last posted.  Too be fair, we have been super busy...and finding time to blog is only after the twins have went to bed for the night...or when they are napping during the day.

I had a nasty bout of something, but I am feeling somewhat better...better enough anyways to sit instead of lay down and go through the 300 plus photo's I took this week when Jason's mom was here.

It was SO great having someone here from home!  We absolutely loved it and can't wait until Grandma comes back again!  We kept her pretty busy here--last Friday we went to a little town called Eureka Springs.  It is on a mountain and there are lots of shops to look at and browse.  The twins did GREAT, even considering it was much more cold here then it usually is.

Saturday we went to a pumpkin patch in Missouri and the twins loved that as well.  They had lots of things for kids to do other than just a wagon ride....hay jumping, slides, and a place for them to shoot some hoops, and even more for the little ones to do.  They also have a HUGE corn maze there, but we really didn't have time to do that.

So, here are just a few pics of our time together here:

At the park with Grandma:


IMG_1710 copy

Eureka Springs:


Pumpkin Patch:

IMG_2035 copy2

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  1. Omgosh love Sabrina's little purse they are getting so big soo cute!!