Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bath Fun

It has been forever since Sam and Sabrina took a bath together.  Some time ago we decided it best to give them their privacy and own fun while having their bath.  Showers are thrown in occasionally, but they still enjoy to play and splash in the tub.  I captured some quick moments tonight.





Monday, January 7, 2013

Ummm, it has been awhile…


The last time I posted on this blog was in September of 2010.  I really didn’t realize it had been that long.  The purpose of this blog (when I started it) was to share our lives with our family and friends living far away from us.  We moved from Michigan to Arkansas in September of 2009.  And many of you know reading this…we moved from Arkansas back to Michigan in September of 2011.  Two years we had planned on being in Arkansas and two years we were.

Much has happened since we moved back to Michigan.  We rented a home while we waited to close on the short sale of our new one, we moved into our new home, Sam and Sabrina started kindergarten this past fall (2012) and other general craziness in our lives.  It feels like we are finally getting settled.  We planning on staying in Michigan and our new home for quite some time.

I have a lot of catching up to do.  But first, I might as well share why I am doing this at all.  We’ve had a crazy year with moving and other things going on in our life.  While working on calendars for Christmas gifts I realized I had not picked up my camera as much as I thought in the past year.  Months went by without me ever taking a picture.  Sure, we had a busy year.  Sure, I took pictures with my phone.  But this made me realize I needed to pick up my camera again.

I used to love taking “everyday” pictures of the kids.  Sam playing with his cars or trains.  Sabrina dressing up, reading, or playing with her Barbies.  Simple, non posed photographs that capture the little moments.  Moments that I will forget…

And so, I am starting a new project.  I know that I will not be able to document or blog every single day, but if I can even capture a few pictures a week that capture our world I will be happy with that.

I’m a little rusty with my camera, but here goes…





Thursday, September 9, 2010

The gold purse

One of Sabrina’s favorite things to do is dress up.  She will dress up in play clothes and costumes, but better than actual play clothes are MY shoes—usually heels.  She will prance around the entire house with one pair of shoes on, then go back for another.  At the young age of three, she has developed a love of shoes that took me years to develop.  I can only imagine what I am in for when she gets older.

It’s not just shoes, though shoes are her favorite.  She loves accessorizing as well—from hats, to jewelry, to purses.

We went to an antique mall awhile back—I was looking for vintage type hats to add as props for photography and Sabrina was looking for something else.  I didn’t know what at the time.  But while perusing the aisles, she came across a small gold fancy purse and asked if she could have it.  I didn’t think much about the gold purse until last night.

She takes it with her darn near everywhere.  But that’s not what surprises me—she always wants an accessory of some sort.  What surprises me is how I could possibly have missed the very reason for her picking out the gold purse.

I had a couple of errands to run last night, so Sam stayed back with Jason and Sabrina got to come with me.  This child never ceases to amaze me—and last night was no exception.  First, while we were walking through the “fragile” store as I call it (Pier One), she had to point out all the things that were not, in fact, fragile….such as wicker baskets.  Too smart that one is.

She surprised me more.  We had our items picked out and we were walking to the register.  She stopped, I turned, reminding her that we were done.  She shook her head, opened her gold purse, and took out a small memo flip pad.  She then informed me that we needed to purchase this shiny gold ball because it was on her list.  I stood there, trying not to double over and laugh, and told her that we got everything we needed on mommy’s list.  She sighed, but with a smile and headed with me over to checkout.

As we were checking out, the cashier made note of Sabrina’s cute little gold purse.  Sabrina smiled and looked over at me.

The cashier said to me, “And how cute, it matches yours.”

She has had this purse for well over a month.  I looked down at her and at her purse, then back at mine.  The cashier was right.  I smiled.  It had never occurred to me that was the reason that she chose that gold purse.  But at that moment it was so clear, so endearing.  And so unbelievably innocent and sweet.


IMG_1848 copy

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It’s been months since I last blogged and I have realized I have been neglecting it, so I figured the twins first day of preschool is as good a day as any to start writing in it again.  I started the blog in hopes of keeping loved ones back home up to date with our lives here in Arkansas, but over time my entries started stretching apart.  My apologizes for that, I will try to do better.

With today being their first day of preschool, I of course, had mixed emotions.  Lot’s of happiness for them—their excitement was apparent and they willing went into the room, as excited as they could be.  Happiness mixed with some sadness, of course, as well.  After I dropped them off, I wondered why I felt so sad.

The best answer I can come up with is simple—they are my babies.  No matter what they do, how big they get, what grade they go into next—they will always be my babies.  Part of my job as a mother is to not only protect and love them, but also to let them grow.  I guess it saddens me because as exciting as the future is and how wonderful it is to see them do new things, I will always remember holding my little six pound babies in my arms.  I just cannot believe they are now three and a half years old.

And as much as I resist change sometimes—I embrace it just the same (well, try).  This change is good.  It’s as good for them as it is for me, just a little tougher on my heart than it is on theirs.  To them, it was a day full of learning new things and playing with new friends. 

But to me, it was so much more.

IMG_1826 copy  

IMG_1837 copy


IMG_1839 copy copy

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Five years…

Last night, as I was pushing myself through the last of my cardio session a song came on my Zune, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Greenday.  Sometimes when I hear this song I smile.  Sometimes when I hear this song I cry.  But always when I hear this song, I think of my mom.

Today is the fifth anniversary of her death and tomorrow would have been her fifty-fourth birthday.  So it wasn't any surprise to me when I felt my eyes welling up a little with tears.  I finished up my session, went to my car, and had a moment to myself. 

When I got home from the gym and saw Jason, he gave me a strong hug.  He saw my eyes and he knows me that well.  These two days of the year I am a little more emotional and I love that he knows me well enough to just know that about me.  He helps me get through these two days by making me laugh, or bringing up a funny memory, or simply hugging me and letting me know that it is okay to cry.

I'll admit that in the five years since her passing, the idea of her being gone has gotten "easier", but I don't think it will ever be "easy".  It's just something that I unfortunately have to live with.  It isn't going to change, she isn't coming back, and I have to live my life.  She would want it this way, I know.  But sometimes...I have to remind myself she is gone.  It could be some random thing, like washing the dishes, and I will think of something that I want to tell her and realize that I can't. 

Like, for example, last week when Sabrina fell and had to get stitches.  We were winding down after a busy day and I was in Sammy's room with both of the twins.  I was stacking some books right next to the bed and the twins were jumping.  Of course I told them, "No jumping on the bed", but my warning was not heeded instantly and being the end of the day I was tired, knew I would be finishing up my task in a moment and be able to get them down....I let it slide just that one time.  And that is when Sabrina fell.  Go figures, the ONE time I'm not super firm on safety.  What followed after was a little bit of chaos (okay, maybe a lot), a lot of worry, plenty of tears from me and Sabrina, and finally, at the hospital, calmness after knowing she would be okay after having some stitches. 

While I was at the hospital I talked to Jason of course, a friend that was coming to help us and pick us up, and a few family members, either by text or phone.  On such a night, I know I would have talked to my mom, if she had been here.  I would have expressed all of my worry and emotions to her...."will there be a be scar?, I can't believe I didn't get them down, I ALWAYS do, OMG mom, waaaaaaay too much blood for me, remember when I had stitches?".  These would have been among the things I would talk to her about.  She would have made me feel better.  She would have pointed out that kids fall at one point or another, that the scar won't be that visible because it is on her eyebrow, and yes, she remembered when I had to have stitches.  She would have said everything to me that everyone else said to make me feel better about the situation, but it would have been my mom saying it.  It doesn't make what anyone else said less important.  It just makes it one more conversation with her that I will never get to have.

Not on the phone, anyways.  ;)

And yet, I'm okay.  Really, I am.  I have my moments of sadness, my moments of happy memories, and yes, on occasion, my moments of anger.  But the moments of anger and sadness are far, far fewer than they used to be.  Though we had our tough times together, the fact is that I had twenty-eight years with my mother. Twenty-eight years is a lot more than some people ever get. 

One of my "cliché" quotes is, "If I didn't laugh, I'd cry".  For me that is so true.  So most often than not, I'll try and find the humor in a memory when thinking about my mother.  The times she laughed and smiled....for who really wants to remember sadness and bad times about a person who is no longer here?  Isn't it the good memories that we want to reflect upon anyways?  The ones that we will always remember, always cherish, and want to duplicate?

The memory that came to me this morning was on her birthday…well, it had to be the year 2001.  We had a BBQ over my brother’s house for her birthday and I think we were getting ready to open some gifts.  Michelle disappeared into the back bedroom with Lenny for a few minutes and I remember thinking, “Well, that is odd.”  But when they came out everything seemed fine.  My mom started opening gifts and her response to one was, “This is just what I wanted!”.  Michelle laughed and said, “Wait, I thought you wanted a grandbaby?”

“Well, yeah, sure…..” my mom started.  And then realized what news was being told.  I think she asked if they were serious (which they were!) and what followed was excitement, joy, probably a few tears, but sheer happiness.  And nine months later Alexis Danielle made her debut.  She loved her to pieces, as we all did.  Not too long after came along lil’ Lenny, who she adored as well. 

That day is just one that brings a smile to my face.  We were always having some impromptu BBQ over my parents (and later my brothers).  I could talk of a hundred different good memories on here that would make me smile, but that could take a while.

Instead, I invite anyone reading this who actually knew my mom to think about a memory of her that makes you smile or makes you laugh.  Share if you like.   If you cry too, well that is okay.  Laughter through tears is a good emotion as well.   I’ve already cried today, but I’ve already laughed.  I’m sure I will repeat both through out the day.

One more thing….I am so bummed I don’t have any pictures to share of my mom.  The most recent ones of her would have been from 2005 or 2004 and I believe I still had pictures printed off then and I never scanned them in.  It feels odd not attaching a picture to my blog though…..

Here is a picture that would make her smile, without a doubt.

Her four grandbabies:

IMG_1019 copy

Love you mom.  Always.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gram Gram

I’ve been neglecting my blog, I know.  Life is busy as always, but I know I need to make a better effort to get over here.  I’ll do my best.

For the past few weeks my grandma has been visiting us from Michigan.  I can’t even believe I actually got her here…I think she wanted to visit, but doesn’t like the idea of traveling too much anymore.  But anyways, we did get her here.

She stayed for about three weeks and left just this morning.  Jason had to travel to Las Vegas for work so he took a layover in Detroit so she wouldn’t have to fly alone.  They had to take the early flight out—very early—they left the house at 4:30 am today.   As I went to hug her good-bye, the sadness I felt about her departure all came pouring out as did hers.  I love you’s were exchanged and tears fell down on my cheeks as I watched her walk to the car.  Jason gave me the kind of hug he knew I needed in that moment in time, kissed me good-bye, and he headed out also.

I went back to bed.

Upon awakening I realized today was going to be one of those lazy days.  I felt deserving of it, but still a little guilty nonetheless.  I will allow myself to feel a little sad today, but not tomorrow or the days after.  Because even though I am missing Jason and my grandma, staying in my PJ’s doesn’t really help me in the long run. 

Instead, I’d rather remember the extra special time spent with my grandma while she was here:   How the twins wake up now everyone morning asking if Gram Gram is still asleep.  Sammy excitedly telling her that he went on the potty while Sabrina models an endless display of clothing and my shoes.  How both of the twins have gotten exceptionally good at putting toys away—or at least out of the way of a walking path so “Gram Gram doesn’t trip”.  The joy she took in simple pleasures like making them french toast for breakfast and showing them how to do a word search puzzle.

One of the best memories (which I didn’t get a video or picture off, but I will remember nonetheless).  We were eating something for dinner (can’t remember), and Sabrina was eating away at her plate while Sammy was kind of picking at his.

Grandma: “Oh Sabrina, you’re going to town on your dinner!”

Sabrina smiles and keeps eating dinner.

Sammy, wanting to get involved, starts eating his dinner and exclaims, “Look Gram Gram!  I go to town!”

Grandma: “Oh yes Sammy, you go to town too!”

Every meal thereafter both the twins would exclaim to Gram Gram how they were “going to town” on their meals.  So cute.

I was able to capture a few pics here and there:

IMG_8786 copy

IMG_8812 copy

IMG_8527 copy

IMG_8807 copy

Love you Gram Gram.  We shall see you soon….

Monday, March 8, 2010

It doesn’t always go as planned.

Life, that is. 

But in this instance, I’m talking about photography. 

As stated in my last blog post, the twins turned three last Tuesday.  They both had picked up coughs and colds a couple of days beforehand, so we were stuck in the house for quite a few days.  That’s okay.  I’m a fun mom.  We built forts, played games, and generally made the time pass by quickly.

We also made cupcakes on the twins birthday.

I had a wonderful vision of the twins eating their birthday cupcakes on the (clean!) floor….with messy faces and big smiles.  Something that I could preserve on paper.  Something beautiful and fun at the same time.

But, life doesn’t always go as planned.

Sammy, my normally sweet boy, has been testing the limits lately…..what he can get away with, how much can he whine….ya know, being your typical three year old boy.  Add into that that he wasn’t feeling quite up to par, so a photo shoot was the last of his list of fun things to do.

I still tried.  I have lot’s of patience.  I’m a mom of twins!

And I had cupcakes!

These images could best display his emotions about having his picture taken:

IMG_4355 copy

IMG_4376 copy

And this could describe Sabrina’s:

IMG_4355 copy2

IMG_4345 copy2

I assessed the situation.  Hugs and cuddles were given to Sam.  I understood.  He didn’t want his picture taken.  He wanted mama yes, but more so, he just wanted his cupcake so he could eat it and go relax.

Could I blame him?  Nope, not at all.

Cupcakes were given out.

IMG_4389 copy

Moods improved.

IMG_4384 copy

And I even caught some smiles:

IMG_4403 copy

IMG_4409 copy

Are they perfect pictures?  No.

But I think the display of emotions….from tears and protests to laughter and smiles (within moments) could accurately describe a typical three year old child on any given day. 

So nope, it didn’t go as planned.  But that’s okay.  That’s life.  And life is sometimes made up of bad moods and grumpiness…. and perhaps if we didn’t have the bad days, the good ones wouldn’t seem so great.